The Biz Cube

A Revolutionary Business Solution

The Biz Cube

The Biz Cube was designed to help you launch your business with ease.  Created by entrepreneurs, The Biz Cube answers those first questions about starting a business to help you lay a solid foundation from day one.  The Biz Cube manual and video guides act as a checklist and takes you step by step through the start-up process. There is no need to go searching in several places. It is already compiled for you in a simplified package, ultimately saving you time and money!

Inside The Biz Cube you will find a filing system to help you keep everything in order. Plus stay organized on-the-go with the mileage log and receipt folder to keep in your car. You will also have exclusive access to online content and a series of short videos and audio CDs on many of the topics that are covered in detail in the manual.

Video Guide

A comprehensive video guide with detail explanations of topics to ensure all of your questions are answered.


Thorough and detailed, a book to help you build the correct foundation.

Topics include

  • Choosing an accountant
  • Your business structure
  • Forms of business organization
  • The importance of a business bank account
  • Will your business need a GST number and CRA business numbers
  • Choosing a corporate year-end date
  • Dividends vs salaries
  • Employees vs contractors
  • Purchasing vs. Leasing a vehicle:   which is the best for my business?
  • Spreadsheets vs. Software:  which is the best solution?
  • Debit and credits: the double entry accounting system
  • Business insurance
  • CRA dos and don’ts
  • Filing and payment deadlines
  • Mission & vision statements and integrity
  • Marketing, branding, advertising
  • Websites
  • Traditional and non-traditional business plan

Templates & Documents

Templates & Documents that will educate you on the basic accounting process for your business.

Storage System

A self-contained storage system to keep you organized. Complete with labeled hanging files, custom receipt envelopes, a calculator, pen, a mileage log and receipt folder to keep in your car.

Providing you with the necessary tools to make your dreams become a reality – created by Audits R Us Inc.

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  Starting Out


  The Biz Cube
  • Includes: Startup Information Booklet, Filing System, Vehicle Mileage Log Book, Car Receipt Folio, Calculator, 2 Pens, Audio and Video How to's for starting up
  • BONUS: 10% off Accounting Services
  • (A $1400 value)


  For a Growing Business


  The Biz Cube
  • Includes: Startup Information Booklet, Filing System, Vehicle Mileage Log Book, Car Receipt Folio, Calculator, 2 Pens, Audio and Video How to's for starting up
  • 2 hours Business Coaching/Consultation
  • 6 Months of Inquiry Emailing
  • BONUS: 10% off Accounting Services
  • (A $1900 value)


  All You'll Ever Need


  The Biz Cube
  • Includes: Startup Information Booklet, Filing System, Vehicle Mileage Log Book, Car Receipt Folio, Calculator, 2 Pens, Audio and Video How to's for starting up
  • 4 hours Business Coaching/Consultation
  • 1 year of Inquiry Emailing
  • BONUS: 10% off Accounting Services
  • (A $2500 value)

 Accounting Talk

  Unlimited Email Questions

  $19.95 a month

  or $199 for a year

What accounting questions do you need answered? Feel overwhelmed or frustrated with even basic principles? Don’t waste your time! Send us your questions and spend time on what you do best! All for a fraction of the cost!  (…and less then what you will spend on coffee in a month)

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Our Story

The most important lesson that I have learned in business is to “work on my strengths and hire out my weaknesses”.

Meet Rob Chaulk, Founder of The Biz Cube.

Rob Chaulk

I first dipped my toes into the world of business when I was 9 years old with a newspaper route. The most exciting aspect of the job was that I could buy something with the money that I earned. Baseball cards, a bike or a Saturday afternoon at the movies was more valuable when it was earned from a source outside of my parent’s pockets; it wasn’t an allowance or money for doing chores. It was the end-product of slogging through snow, early mornings, scabbed knees, high winds and the successful evasion of neighborhood dogs. It was a source of pride and independence, the result of hard work and effort.

During my years at school I didn’t have many opportunities to learn anything practical about the concept of money in return for work, mostly because it was never emphasized. I left school at the beginning of grade ten. My dad gave me a choice: finish school or apprentice to a trade. As I didn’t feel that school was really giving me the information I would need to succeed in life, I chose to become an apprentice ironworker. After years of hard work and effort, I achieved my journeyman ticket. Getting a trade led to many interesting jobs internationally, but nothing I did as an employee prepared me for running my own business.

In my late teens and early 20s, I entered into several different partnerships with family and friends. This went very well, until we had disagreements, then it got difficult. John D. Rockefeller once said: “A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship”.

I did learn a lot from those early experiences about structuring a business and about choosing the right people to work with: people who share your vision and who share your work ethic, people you can have productive arguments with and whose strengths complement your own weaknesses. I left all of the record keeping to my other partners at that time, limiting my own hands-on experience.

One of the next businesses that I started was a small take-out restaurant. I built it myself from the ground up and later added an ice cream parlour. I decided to tackle the records myself. Money was tight and I was trying to cut costs wherever I could. A friend’s uncle who had prepared tax returns for years for nearly everyone in the area was kind enough to help me with my questions for no charge. When I asked around to get an idea of what everyone else was paying to have their records and tax work done, the fees charged by accountants seemed too expensive for the shoestring budget that I was working with. I learned a lot preparing my own books but I’m sure that the end result wasn’t perfect. I ended up burning the candle at both ends or falling behind trying to do it all myself often.

The most important lesson that I have learned in business is to “work on my strengths and hire out my weaknesses”. The first time I heard this phrase, I didn’t understand what it meant. My first thought was “what weaknesses? I’m an entrepreneur: I can do anything I put my mind to”.

Over the next few weeks I rolled the idea through my mind trying to get to the heart of it and what it meant exactly. One afternoon an employee and I were working on a project in my garage. This particular kind of work was definitely his passion. Secretly I didn’t enjoy doing it at all, so I said to him “You should take the lead on this”. That’s when it hit me: “work on your strengths and hire out your weaknesses”. If I began spending less time trying to do things that I had no passion for I would have more time for tasks and projects that I enjoyed. I realized that if we each focused on the tasks in which we excelled, things would get done more efficiently and have a significant impact on the business. Let ego give way to efficiency, and your business will be able to accomplish more overall.

That idea began to ripple through my approach to business and life. I received a phone call from the CRA informing me that I was going to be audited several years ago. I knew I had to assemble a team that could straighten out my accounting records and handle the CRA correspondence. I met former auditors and accountants who taught me things I had no idea about. I quickly realized that I should have put these systems in place years ago when I first started my businesses. From that experience I founded Audits R Us Inc., an accounting company that specializes in small business tax solutions and audit issues. The company provides the same services as most accounting companies, but its’ focus is on educating and helping small business clients so that their records are audit-ready, should the CRA ever decide to review them.

During the last 30 years as a business owner, I did make mistakes. Some of them cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of them were due to not knowing a different way or a better solution in terms of record keeping and tax reporting. From those mistakes The Biz Cube was born: giving entrepreneurs a guide to creating the foundation necessary to keep them from repeating the same mistakes I made.

Guidance exists outside of The Biz Cube, but it tends to get complicated fairly quickly. When we put The Biz Cube together our goal was to simplify the complex ideas and save people time and money. If this had existed when I was beginning my first business, I wouldn’t have faced some of the major issues that I did.

Starting a business has been compared to having a child: watching with excitement as they take their first tiny steps and then with pride as they accomplish things beyond our first imaginings. In both situations, success stems from laying a strong foundation and being consistent with your vision. We see the potential, choose the structure and guide it with our vision. Team members come on board with new skills or we hire out skills that we don’t have. Soon enough, the business takes on a life of its’ own, has grown and has succeeded beyond our first hopes and imaginings.

Rob Chaulk, Founder
The Biz Cube & Audits R Us Inc.

Our Mission

“Empowering Entrepreneurs by making complicated accounting systems simple while providing education to support increased financial well being”

We are a team of entrepreneurs who want to help you.

We build value for our customers by providing a revolutionary business product.

Our goal is to save our customers thousands of dollars by teaching them how to reduce the largest expense faced in life; taxes. We operate with integrity and service our customers with proven results.

Our team provides the tools and knowledge needed to help the everyday entrepreneur achieve their dreams.

Our vision is to elevate the financial literacy of entrepreneurs there by creating a more informed society.

We want to help you stay in control of your financial future.

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